Tie Bars are epoxy-coated steel equipment used to strengthen reinforced concrete constructions. Epoxy Coated Tiebars are used along with Epoxy Coated Dowelbars.

Epoxy Coated Tiebars are placed in parallel with pavement surface in specific intervals to be determined for the reinforced concrete areas. When the concrete is poured, the reinforced concrete construction turns into more solid, more flexible and more endurable construction thanks to Epoxy Coated Dowelbars and Epoxy Coated Tiebars inside.

It is very crucial to use these two products in the amount and intervals specified within the project. Deficient or inappropriate designed Epoxy Coated Tiebars cannot support the construction properly.

Epoxy Coated Tiebars are strengthening materials which are required to be used especially in concrete highways and airports. It prevents the subsidence, cracks and deformations on the concrete blocks and prevents any loss of cost and lives.

Epoxy Coated Tiebars are coated with epoxy paint as per ASTM A 775/775M standards. The reason for coating of Epoxy Coated Tiebars with epoxy paint is to prevent any probable corrosions which may occur after a while.

Epoxy coating is very crucial especially for steel equipments. If epoxy coated tiebars and dowelbars are not used in concrete blocks which are exposed to heavy load, required flexibility cannot be ensured and deformations and crakings occur on the concrete blocks. Any kinds of chemicals and natural formations penetrating into these cracks and deformed areas cause corrosion and volume expansion in the course of time. Such volume expansion causes more damage, cracks and fractures inside the concrete. Such deformation poses a great danger for the vehicles driving on those highways. Therefore, these dangers may cause material losses and losses of lives. Construction of these infrastructures in a healthy manner will also decrease any future life cycle cost. Use of Epoxy Coated Tiebars offers the lowest cost in 50-year life-benefit analysis.

Epoxy Coated Tiebars are manufactured in line with ASTM A615 and ASTM A706 standards and packed according to the European standards considering the time and cost calculations just like Epoxy Coated Rebars and Epoxy Coated Dowelbars. Epoxy Coated Tiebars are generally shipped in wooden crates prepared on europallets in line with international maritime, road and container transportation as packaged and covered with pvc covers .

Technical Specifications

Tiebars are epoxy-coated steel equipment which are used along with dowel bars to prevent transversal fragmentation of the concrete blocks, to prevent corrosion and to increase the durability of the infrastructure. It helps to prevent the cracks and breakings on the concrete surface caused by heavy load.

In the project prepared before the construction of concrete floor, tie bars are designed and applied along with dowelbars. Epoxy Coated Tiebars are to be placed in proper intervals and with predetermined frequency.

Why tiebars are coated with epoxy paint?

Epoxy-coated steel equipment prevent the formation of corrosions and damages on concrete blocks. Thanks to their high endurance power, they prevent corrosion and deterioration of the steel equipment, prevent volume expansion and avoid cracks and breakings on the concrete blocks as well.

What are the dimensions of Tiebars?

The diameters, lengths and placement intervals of tie bars vary by the relevant standards of the countries. The dimensions in some countries where these Epoxy Coated Tiebars are mostly used are as follows.

Tie Bar radius measures

Austria: 14 mm
Germany: 20 mm
USA: 12.5 and 16 mm

Tie Bar lengths

Austria: 700 mm
Germany: 800 mm
USA: 760 mm

The intervals of Epoxy Coated Tiebars are determined based on the relevant project. Misplaced Epoxy Coated Tiebars may interfere with dowel bars and may cause some un-expected technical problems.

Improper application of Epoxy Coated Tiebars may also cause crackings and breakings on the concrete blocks. For that reason, it should necessarily be applied in compliance with the relevant application project.

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